Will Hall at Grand Rounds, OHSU Department of Psychiatry – Oregon Health And Sciences University

Amazing talk-learned so much about the recovery movement!

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OHSUMy Grand Rounds talk at OHSU Department of Psychiatry was both video archived on their website, as well as live broadcast to several remote sites, including Oregon State Hospital. Much of the presentation followed my APA talk last October, compressed into an impossibly short timeframe made even shorter by a late start. With one or two exceptions, the crowd filling the lecture room was very welcoming and positive; it was an overall inspiring experience for me to see so much openness to change. A special thank you to Dr. Neil Falk, who helped out when OHSU asked that I have a doctor as sponsor for my talk.

There was one comment at the end that took me a bit aback with its forcefulness. I invited the person to contact me so we could continue to dialogue, and haven’t heard from them. I think if I was a bit more collected…

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being the empowered patient

Beyond Meds challenges those of us to advocate by developing agency in our healing process.

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I present myself as the “empowered patient” on this blog for a reason. I advocate for many who are being harmed and need to learn how to advocate for themselves. The reason I do it well, however, is because I was a mental health professional for so many years. That means I know how professionals think and I know what and how much it takes to become empowered as a patient. The result of this for me, and it’s very sad really, is that I continue to be treated like a patient by far too many of my colleagues. It’s really very depressing that there is such a thing…”being treated like a patient,” that is. But it’s really clear when one is approached with that undeniable sort of sickly sweet condescension or alternately, complete dismissal when I’m presenting with my “patient” hat on. I am never treated this way if…

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Living after loss: the Adventure of Grief

Interesting piece!
Beyond Meds is such an inspiring blog! For those of us searching for answers about depression, anxiety and suicide ideation, the author of Beyond Meds provides thoughtful and provocative ideas regarding treatment and recovery!

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I’d like to note that the message in this video can be generalized to all kinds of loss and trauma too. Not just the loss of a loved one.

We must feel our emotions!!  And embrace all of life! Psychiatry is a whole field of medicine dedicated to the suppression of emotions and the darkness of our psyches. The healing involved in coming out of decades of this suppression is phenomenally difficult and perhaps sometimes impossible. This is why I do the work I do, that people today learn to embrace their lives rather than drug it away. If you block the negative emotions you in turn block all the positive emotions.

This video is genius and true.

Psychologist, writer and innovator, Geoff Warburton has spent the last 25 years studying love and loss. Geoff challenges conventional apathy about grief and loss by offering an approach that evokes curiosity, openness and compassion…

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