A Story: A Person Writes About How They Stopped Self Injury

A Story: A Person Writes About How They Stopped Self Injury

Leaving no stone unturned! As a mom of a beautiful child who injures, I intend to continue researching ways that help my Grace.  Today I have decided, instead of looking to those “experts” who

Age-standardised disability-adjusted life year...

Age-standardised disability-adjusted life year (DALY) rates from Self-inflicted injuries by country (per 100,000 inhabitants). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

treat our children who mutilate their bodies, I am reading stories of hope and recovery. Therefore I will turn to those amazing experts who injured themselves and found ways to recover.

This article is just one of many telling the stories of strength, the ability to overcome depression and how self-injury was a tool that helped them fight their way through their depression. It is not a recommended form of practice from this mom. However, it is critical that I find ways of looking through my daughter’s lens. This article deepened my understanding and pushed me to ask; how is cutting a form of treatment when one in so deep inside their heads that they need to bleed themselves? What does my Grace get from this practice? Lastly, how did others find their way out of self-injury?

Ways of Treating Self Injury, Depression and Anxiety In Teens

Evening Prajna Paramita meditation

Evening Prajna Paramita meditation (Photo credit: key lime pie yumyum)

So this week was my, “I am so tired of depression” week. My question this week is….Is there an end to depression and anxiety? Is depression a life long sentence or can I find a cure? Funny how my depression and my teen’s depression is driving me insane. Sorry for that, ‘insane’ is pretty un PC.

I found some interesting studies on depression and anxiety. Yes, depression can end. Yes, there are other things than just talk therapy and pills.

TMS: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation-this is where you go put on a helmet that activates magnets of some sort that stimulates areas of the brain. Headaches, loud noises and half a dozen weeks of daily treatment claims it can cure depression.

Yoga: Studies show yoga and other forms of exercise reduce depression and anxiety. Publications ranging from Harvard to Huffington Post reported all sorts of studies examining things such as how GABA levels were increased helping calm patients’ depressed minds or how yoga improved mood.


yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

Mindful-based Cognitive Therapy: Eight weeks of teaching you mediation, yoga and cognitive therapy can help reduce levels of depression.

Diet: BDA, that is – the British Dietetic Association claims adding fish oil and a healthy diet can help cure anxiety and depression.

Dr. Andrew Weil claims one benefit of the “anti-inflammatory diet” is that it fights depression.

The list goes on and on! Many claim diet and food allergies can bring on depression and anxiety. Others claim a single mild brain trauma, otherwise known as a concussion  can induce a depressive episode including suicide ideation.

Acupuncture makes claims that it can help release endorphins soothing that busy brain.

Dr. Daniel Amen, a psychiatrist, has dedicated his talents to brain based neurological studies examining how brain injury, stress and addiction physically effects the brain by taking images of the brain using a very specific technology outside of the normal CAT scan or MRI.

This week’s worth of inquiry has been both overwhelming and exciting. Reading about how others have ended their struggles by implementing a variety of treatments has lifted this worried mom’s spirits. Hope is what I feel this morning, hope that my daughter and I can find a cure.