About The Parents Living With A Teen Who Self-Injures


Self-injury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello World,

As parents of our Grace, we feel so very alone in this silent world of self injury. We have created this blog as a place where we could connect to others like ourselves, who face the  tremendous challenge of our teen who cuts.

I am told by the professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists, school social workers, partial hospital folk and deans of high schools that self injury is growing rapidly. Teachers and deans alike have told me how they see loads of evidence of so many of their students who self injure.

Where are the parents of all of these teens? Who is treating them? What treatments have worked? And…is there hope for an end to self injury?

My husband and I have few answers. We are looking for advise, for support, to support others.

Yes, we have done family therapy, inpatient treatment, parent coaching, years of individual therapy for both my husband and myself, intensive outpatient programs for Grace, partial hospitalization specializing on cutting and years of individual therapy for our Grace, psychiatric drugs and some alternative medicine.

This space is about exploring the path of those parents and caregivers of children who self injure.

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