SELF INJURY – WHAT IS A PARENT TO DO? Parenting teens who are addicted to the maladaptive coping strategy of self mutilation

Doing the best she can

Doing the best she can (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The number of teens who self injure in the United States is on the rise. What is a parent to do? Therapists, social workers and such have a wide array of suggestions. I have followed them all with little to no results. Truth be told, my teen’s self injury is only getting worse.  Partial hospitalizations, family therapy, individual therapy, medication, parent coaching-you name it, our family has been there and done that.

What is a parent to do?

This site is dedicated to those parents, friends of those who injure and professionals who struggle to find answers.  Why do people mutilate their bodies? Why are there so many children and teenagers taking up this painful behavior? What does the research say? What have parents found to be helpful? What can parents do to help prevent relapse?

So many sites out there are for the person who injures. We welcome those who wish to share their stories.

However…This site was created as a space to discuss and support those of us, who live in constant fear of their loved ones who injure their bodies as a coping mechanism.

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